Mobile Career Training

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The Need for Home-Based Businesses

Despite having to cut staff, employers still need many of the services those employees provided. While those permanent job doors are closing, other contract job doors are opening up and creating ideal opportunities for you to choose one or more career niches.

In addition to filling temp positions as a contractor, new business startups are another source to explore. New business owners often can’t afford ~ or prefer not to hire employees. Yet, they, too, need the services of freelancers who do what they can’t do, or don’t have time to do.

This Opens Up Countless Opportunities for You. This is a perfect time for you to launch your freelance writing, marketing, social media consulting, graphic design, photography, videography or other business.

How to Get Paid BEFORE You Invest

Here you’ll find tools to take control of your life and your income. If this is the lifestyle you’ve been dreaming about, please browse our affordable, no-risk home-study listings found under this “Career Niches” dropdown menu. These categories of job skills are ideal for the home or mobile office.

We’ve affiliated only with training products we trust. Either we’ve used these skills-training products ourselves, successfully, or have used other products by these authors. In one instance, I ghost-wrote a “how-to” career book for a publisher and know exactly how stringent his quality requirements are. From personal experience, we trust their quality. We never affiliate with anything that just “sounds” like a good product. They must meet our work from home criteria*.

And there’s one other great thing about every job skills product we represent ~ They are ALL 100% refundable. Time limits vary, but you have at least 30 days to request your money back, no hassles.

You Could be Earning Money Tomorrow Using a Work from Home Product You Buy Today!

Take a look at our recommendations and know that the job skills resources we post:

✔︎  Allow your entire investment to go directly into your business, and not to an intermediary to gain access to clients or products

✔︎  Requires minimal investment ~ Many for less than $100

✔︎  Teach professional level job skills for fully legitimate PROFESSIONS you’ll be proud to join

✔︎  Offer training in a nice variety of fields, and niches within those fields

✔︎  NEVER involve long-term contracts, non-compete clauses, sign-up fees, etc.

✔︎  Are not dependent upon distributorships, MLM/pyramids, franchises or contracts that dictate how you run your business

✔︎  Will require you to start and run your new business from the ground up

✔︎  Are subject only to the standards of practice or legal regulations for that profession (no territories or competitive restrictions or obligations)

✔︎  Are businesses we have either worked in, owned ourselves, or investigated and found them reputable ~ These are jobs we’d do if we had time to do them all

✔︎  NEVER require quotas, franchise fees, payments or purchases of any sort to maintain your business eligibility or membership

✔︎  Many can be set up in economical stages, earning revenue BEFORE you decide to invest in better supplies or equipment (This is my favorite part)

So, about that secret ~ the one about getting paid BEFORE you invest? Well, aside from paying for one of these courses to learn marketable job skills in your career niches and how to get clients, and the time you’ll have to invest in learning new skills, here’s how it works. For example, the Resumé Writing Course takes about 7 hours to complete. Some of the others, like the Six Figure Copywriting course, takes a few weeks. But once you do that and you’re ready to hang out your digital shingle, then you simply require a partial (or full) payment before you begin working for a client. Also, make a portion of that payment non-refundable (to cover your time and any expenses invested for that client.) That’s just one example of the kind of business setup training you’ll learn in many of these courses.

Please check each of the submenus. A few programs overlap two or more categories, such as the website auditing program, which covers both writing and marketing skills, and some website management skills for layout, design and linking.


* Criteria includes: No MLM, these are strictly job skills based training courses and business marketing and management courses; Some are ebook based others are online video; You aren’t asked to register for an unknown ~ You know what the niche is before registering or giving any information; You get “how to do” information, not just “what to do” information; Many programs offer “business setup” and “how to get clients,” as part of their skills training (i.e. the Resume Writing program;) Full refunds returned right away. In other words, these recommendation have all the qualities I wanted for my work, and none of the ones that I tried to avoid. 

** Disclosure: The products in this section are made available through affiliate sales, paid for by the provider, not by you. Please consider buying these products knowing that commissions from these sales is how we make our living ~ and you have all these ways to make yours.