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Grant Writing ~ From Basics to Long Term Planning

GRANT WRITING: Grant writing is one of those ”sleeper” careers most people never hear about. Until recently, you couldn’t even find a one-term college course that would teach you how to write a grant proposal. In the last few years some BA degree programs have sprouted up, but most lead to more advanced areas including development and fundraising. And they take 4 years to complete. Yet, you won’t need a degree to become a grant writer, and most non-profit organizations (NPOs) won’t require one.

While some very respectable grant writing certification programs have been around for a while, this field is still wide open to anyone who can write an attention-grabbing proposal that convinces funders that their NPO will put award money to the best use, in the funder’s opinion. You can make a nice full-time income from writing just one or two proposals per month. It isn’t uncommon for experienced independent grant writers to charge $50 – $150 per hour.

Helping others in need, or supporting issues near and dear to your own heart is always a great career choice. Whatever your reason for choosing to write grant proposals it’s a win-win career choice for everyone involved.

Get your foot in the door of this highly sought service, and know that it can lead to many more opportunities.


How to Break Into the Lucrative Freelance Grant Writing Market

This specialized field pays well and is in high demand. As a grant writer since 1989 I’ve used techniques and systems described in this book with tremendous success. This gets our personal recommendation based on our first hand experience with every step this book describes. Learn how to find and match grants for your client; how to interpret guidelines; write proposals; manage the writing and submission process; write inquiry and cover letters; create a budget; present your client and its programs in the most promising light. On this page follow the link and scroll down to “Grant Writing”  Learn more about Grant Writing


Stress-Free Strategic Grant Readiness, Planning, and Management

Every grant writer, manager and planner needs an organized grants management system. But most don’t know how to set one up. Instead, they just let one develop on its own. But, the “system” that ensues often creates problems that put your grant applications at risk. AHG’s simple but thorough system includes all the tools needed to set up and run a stress-free, “never-miss-a-deadline” grant management system and more. It includes the “Win More Grants by Becoming Grant Ready” course, a strategic grant planning system so you can organize your entire grant writing and processing system, and to identify which funding to apply for, for which program, in which sequence and a which time. It allows your NPO to plan funding years in advance. This course also includes the complete “CQI/TQM for the Rest of Us course found in our Biz Planning Section. Stress-Free Strategic Grant Readiness, Planning, and Management covers the basic structure that grants management depends upon, but so often is not addressed directly.

These are tools every grant writer/manager needs but doesn’t always have the time to develop. We developed ours over 20 years of writing and consulting for a wide range of non-profits, from healthcare to libraries, social services to recreation departments. This system can be used to track and plan for any type of funding.   Read more about our flexible management system that includes database, forms, checklists and strategic grant planning tools …


Win More Grants by Becoming Grant Ready

This short online video course will give you all the information you need to make your NPO grant ready. More and more grant makers expect their applicants to be grant ready, and able to show that they can manage the grant award in ways that will accomplish the mission of the grant maker, as compared to the mission of the NPO. Our seven-page checklist, included with this course, will guide you in preparing each proposal by having every current document on hand, as well as the answers to every question a funder might ask (and that your program management might depend upon.). Read more about grant readiness course at ...


Grant Writing Success: Opening the Door to Financial Opportunity

Learn to write grant proposals and you’ll be opening the door to financial opportunity to yourself while doing the same for your clients and their beneficiaries. Most grants are available to non-profit, religious and charitable organizations, but there are many other recipients who are eligible for funding, as well. This thorough AWAI program teaches you more than just writing proposals. You’ll learn to match funders to organizations; learn how funders score proposals; how to get your proposal in the 90th percentile~the fundable zone; the 12 proposal components and how to weigh each one; the #1 rule of grant writing; make-or-break proposal introductions; and so many techniques and details that most grant writer’s never think of. You’ll also receive samples of successful proposals to illustrate what works, and will learn how to set up a grant writing business, get clients and set fees.  Learn more about Grant Writing …


Grant Central USA offers a variety of courses designed to improve out grant writer skills.  Several of these are free.

In this free course you will learn

  • How to make an informed decision about purchasing courses
  • How to avoid signing up with the wrong course provider
  • A FREE Special Report with each of the “10 Things To Ask”


Rodney Walker reveals what he did to break into this industry and how you can do the same. He shows you how to avoid mistakes that keep you from succeeding, in this downloadable video and 22-page report full of practical insights.

Here’s What You’ll Learn…

  • Discover The Quickest Way Of Building A Grant Writing Portfolio to help land a grant writing opportunity
  • Guidelines To Help Land A Grant Writing Internship That Is A Great Fit For What You Are Seeking To Do
  • Insight on Choosing The Best Organizations For An Internship. Yes, Learn how to choose the best organizations for an internship with step-by-step advice on how to approach them
  • Find the best organizations to do pro-bono work for and see what your sample internship agreement should include and more!
  • Step-By-Step Advice On How To Approach Your Ideal Organization without getting stuck in a “forever going internship”
  • Gain insight into the Advantages And Disadvantages Of Being A Career Grant Writer vs. the Advantages And Disadvantages Of Being a Freelance Grant Writer
  • Plus much more!

Learn more about Grant Central USA’s Breaking Into the Field of Grant Writing, Fast Course …


While this course DOES NOT TEACH YOU HOW TO WRITE A GRANT PROPOSAL, this straightforward and highly practical step-by-step training will remove ALL mystery of what you need to do become a grant writer and even more importantly it will reveal how to become gainfully employed as grant writer!

Here’s what you’ll discover and how you’ll benefit…

  • Gain insight about the role and responsibilities of a grant writer to see if this is a good fit for you or not…this can save hours, days, and years of wasting time and ending up in a career that isn’t right for you.
  • Hear first hand from veteran grant writers to see what it takes to do well in this field.
  • Discover how other grant writers landed their jobs and what you can do to boost your chances of doing the same.
  • Gain grant job seeking forms, templates and samples letters to send to potential employers to make getting a grant writing job easy!
  • Learn The Top 3 Ways to speak an employers Love Language to land your first or next grant writing job
  • Discover 5 proven techniques to gain instant credibility with potential employers
  • This will help you land a job with step-by-step details of EXACTLY what you need to do to become a grant writer!
  • Plus much, much more!!

Learn more about Becoming a Grant Writer and Getting a Grant Writing Job in 60 Days Course …


This program takes the intimidation out of grant writing.

  • Where do you find grant opportunity?
  • What goes inside of a grant proposal?
  • How many pages should it be?
  • What should I do ensure we are even qualified to apply?

This Starter Kit gives answers to all of these questions…your special gift from us to help point you in the right direction. You don’t have to go on this journey all alone.

You will receive clear and concise insight with 3 Free Videos where you will learn:

  • 7 Steps To Write Your Very First Grant Proposal Within 30 Days
  • The Top 3 Places To Find Federal Grants And Funders To Give To Your Cause
  • What Goes Into A Grant Proposal And One Thing You Don’t Want To Forget To Add!

PLUS enjoy a Bonus Video when you ACT Now…

The Top 5 Common Grant Writing Mistakes Newbies Make And How To Avoid Them!

Learn more about How to Write a Grant Starter Kit Course …


Grant Writing That Gets Funded Workshop Training – RAW!

Get ready to experience the a power-packed RAW… Uncut… Unedited training that is sure to equip you with everything you need to pursue and win grants for your cause. You’ll enjoy of 5 Hours of Insight from Rodney Walker, today’s leading Grant Development Systems expert!

Grant Writing That Gets Funded Workshop – RAW MEGA BUNDLE

Get ready to experience the a power-packed RAW… Uncut… Unedited training that is sure to equip you with everything you need to pursue and win grants for your cause. You’ll enjoy of 5 Hours of Insight from Rodney Walker, today’s leading Grant Development Systems expert! Plus, when you buy this SPECIAL OFFER all at once you’ll receive an additional $589 worth of bonuses including the 30 Grant Writing Coach Videos and 8 Grant Writing Insights!

Learn more about 30 Day Grant Writing Coaching Program …


Learn To Write Grants That Get Funded “Right NOW” within the Next 48 Hours without Even Leaving Your House! Choose from Standard or Deluxe.

Standard:  Receive a Power-Package of today’s best Grant Writing Training including:

  1. The Ultimate Grant Writing That Gets Funded Training Program
  2. Grant Writing Coaching Videos (30 Videos)
  3. The Grant Writing Resource Manual
  4. Grant Writing Insights – Exclusive Interviews with 2 Funders
  5. Grant Writing Insights – Exclusive Interviews with 2 Grant Professionals
  6. Breaking Into The Field of Grant Writing Fast Video & Special Report
  7. Grant Writers Association Membership
  8. and much more!

Over $1,288.00 worth of valuable money-making insight!

Deluxe:  Receive the FULL package of today’s best Grant Writing Training which includes:

  1. The Ultimate Grant Writing That Gets Funded Training Program
  2. In-Person Grant Writing Workshop with 5+ Hours of Grant Training… Raw, Unedited, Uncut…Goldmine!
  3. Grant Writing Coaching Videos (30 Videos)
  4. The Grant Writing Resource Manual
  5. Grant Writing Insights – Exclusive Interviews with 4 Funders
  6. Grant Writing Insights – Exclusive Interviews with 4 Grant Professionals
  7. Grant Writers Starter Kit
  8. Grant Readiness Beginner’s Guide
  9. Breaking Into The Field of Grant Writing Fast Video & Special Report
  10. Grant Writers Association Membership
  11. and much more!

Over $3,126.00 worth of valuable money-making insight!

Learn more about The Ultimate Grant Writing That Gets Funded Training …


Designed to support you after you’ve completed The Ultimate Grant Writing That Gets Funded Training this program gives you 30 days of short, concise coaching videos to take you step-by-step through EXACTLY what to do, each day, to get funded.

Learn more about 30 Day Grant Writing Coaching Program …


Compiled with great insight, this informative manual provides articles, handouts best practices, grant writing tips and much more to help you get funded and save time!

  • Discover what funders really want to see when they look at your proposal.
  • Gain insider’s insight from professional consultants and industry experts for pursuing grants more effectively and efficiently.
  • Benefit from the experiences of other grant writers and learn from their successes and mistakes.
  • Plus, benefit from our templates and forms to put yourself on the fast track to writing your first successful grant!
  • Just think about how much your proposal will improve as you use our critiquing a grant proposal form included in this special manual.
  • And you won’t forget a thing as you use our grant proposal check list form which is also included.

Learn more about Grant Writing Resource Manual …


Get ready to crack the code to unlock the Grant Money Vault with this Mega Bundle of Grant Writing Insight where you will gain special knowledge from interviews with four funders and interview with four grant seekers who have learned how to get the money!

Learn more about Get Funded MegaBundle …


Grant Writing Internship

  • The Ultimate Grant Writing That Gets Funded Training Program (Standard Edition)
  • Receive 30+ Grant Writing Coaching Videos
  • Gain Grant Writing Skills to launch a Career as a Grant Writer
  • 1 Guaranteed Grant Writing Internship
  • Certification Upon Completion
  • Much, much more…to help you Succeed FAST!

Grant Writing Apprenticeship Program

  • The Ultimate Grant Writing That Gets Funded Training Program (Deluxe Edition)
  • Receive 30+ Grant Writing Coaching Videos
  • Gain Business & Marketing Skills to launch a Career or Grant Writing Business
  • Two Guaranteed Grant Writing Internship
  • Certification Upon Completion
  • Much, much more…to help you Succeed FAST!

Learn more about Grant Writing Internship & Apprenticeship …


Everyone wants to receive grants, however most organizations are NOT ready to receive a grant!

Learn the 7 Essential Things you must do BEFORE you can receive grant money! Plus …

  • What the ENTIRE grant process looks like and receive a concise overview in just a few minutes
  • Discover the 7 Essential Things you need to do right now to prepare to apply for grants
  • Increase your knowledge on the small things that can disqualify you from applying to a grant and learn what you need to do NOW to FIX it
  • Gain greater confidence with each step as you start learning more about how grants work and the things you can do to become grant ready

Plus, you will receive 3 additional videos that go into GREATER details and really help you to grasp each concept. Sign up now because it is absolutely FREE for a limited time!

Learn more about Grant Readiness …


Do you want to know the BEST WAY to get MONEY from a funder? Ask them. These Must Be Some of the BEST Kept Grant Writing Secrets in the World.

Let Olga de la Cruz, former Program Officer at the Alliance Healthcare Foundation and the California Endowment Foundation, tell you some of the Best Kept Grant Writing Secrets, in this exclusive interview:

  • Discover why you Should Not try to pigeon-hole every funder into the same box and how to work more effectively with Grant Makers of varying sizes
  • Gain greater clarity and a better understanding on the Role of a Program Officers to drastically improve your approach to securing money from them the right way
  • Find out the first things funders recommend you should do before asking them from a single penny!
  • Learn the top places to go to learn more about a foundation which will help you to ensure you are a good fit for what they want to fund.
  • Learn 6 Ways to help foundations learn about your organization, and why this is important to the success of your grant request in their eyes
  • Understand what mission alignment is and how to ONLY seek funding from those that are a good fit
  • Discover The Best Ways to effectively communicate with those giving out the Money
  • How the Program Officer can become your greatest Advocate and Ambassador to help you secure more funding
  • How other successful grantees build rapport with funders to keep the money flowing their way and how you can do the same
  • Learn what you should and should not do when challenges arise in your funded project and how to stay in the good graces of funders when they do
  • 3 Important Action Steps to do at the Beginning Stages of receiving funding
  • The Best Ways To Wrap Up The Ending Stages of your funding cycle
  • 2 Things Your Team should meet and discuss once you get funded to fulfill your obligations to the funder
  • What type of feedback should you get from your funder to build trust and openness. People give to people they know, like and trust!
  • Discover the most important Do’s and Don’ts In Approaching Funders to stay in the game and keep from getting a flag
  • 2 tips to improve your cover letters to make them stand out from the rest
  • 10 questions funders ask other funders about YOU and YOUR AGENCY, and how this can send your proposal to the top of the pile if you get this right

Learn more about Grant Writing with Olga de la Cruz …


Discover a veteran grant writer’s approach to developing winning proposals and learn several pitfalls you’ll want to avoid!

  • Learn what distinguishes an average grant proposal vs. a great grant proposal
  • Top tips for writing a grant proposal to capture funders heads and hearts with its energy
  • Discover how to tell your story better in a grant application without coming off as being too chatty and loaded with small talk
  • Gain insight on how this grant professional develops compelling projects worthy of being funded!
  • See how using stats, facts, and numbers can potentially cripple the success of your grant proposal if it isn’t done right
  • 3 powerful game-changing tips to increase your chances of getting funded
  • Discover one important thing that every grant writer typically runs out of when pursuing grants and how to deal with this right now

Learn more about Grant Writing Insight with Judith Bowman …


Learn from one of the best in the industry as Phil Johncock reveals straightforward, concise and insightful advice to help you improve your grant writing business in less time, and help you AVOID Mistakes that typically strangle most businesses from growing.

You will discover…

  • What it means and EXACTLY what it takes to develop a profitable Grant Writing Business in today’s economy
  • Why many businesses don’t operate like a business and what you need to do right now to ensure yours does
  • Why a good grant writer does not mean you will be a good business person and what you can do today to start becoming a good business person
  • What you should definitely delegate and the one thing you should NEVER delegate…(this one will save you a lot of sleepless nights and headaches if you follow this advice)
  • Why you should brand yourself before someone else does
  • Discover who is “already” branding you whether you like it or not and why it is imperative that you bring this back into your control
  • Learn the one thing you must become comfortable with that most grant writers are not comfortable with that is blocking them from growth!
  • Find out where grant writers need to go to be discovered by potential clients
  • Benefit by learning a special insider’s tip that will help you secure more grants and prepare better grants as a business owner
  • The top 3 keys for creating a profitable grant writing business
  • 2 very important recommendations to improve the direction of your business
  • Why do some businesses thrive and others don’t, and what you can do to thrive!
  • 5 Major Roadblocks that could be keeping your from being as profitable as you could
  • And much, much, more!!

You will even receive a timeline to help plan your business in the first 30 days, 90 days, 1 year and 3rd year of your business, to keep you on track. Learn more about Exclusive Interview with Phil Johncock


Learn Phil Johncock’s 21 Secret Power Tools to Build Your Grant Writing Business. PLUS, Free Up Your Time and Put More Money in Your Pocket… NOW!

  • Are you tired of having to deal with low, slow or no paying clients?
  • Are you on the over-worked and underpaid grant writers treadmill without a clue of how to get off?
  • Are profits less than you would like, and is your time being robbed from you by under charging?

Get ready for a power-packed session with Phil Johncock as he takes you through a grant writer’s marketing goldmine to boost your revenues in this special webinar!

Effectively and correctly marketing your business is the most important thing you can do to grow your business, earn you more profits and allow you to become more selective of who you take on as clients. Learn more about Exclusive Interview with Phil Johncock, Part 2 …


Marketing is the one skill that makes a business successful. Here are just a few things that John Drew shares to inspire and help you.

  • The single most important piece of advice he recommends every business needs for success
  • Find out what successful grant business owners are doing that others are not
  • Top 3 secrets to marketing your services effectively which resulted in his business earning 6 figures annually
  • Hear how you too can add personality to your marketing materials to help boost your sells and credibility with clients and prospective clients
  • Discover the missing ingredient that can ensure your business stays front of mind with current and prospective clients
  • Gain a greater perspective on how potential clients think and what you must do right to sell your services

Quickly Increase Your Sales And Take-Home Profits… With A Time-Tested and Proven SYSTEM For Attracting Your Ideal Grant Writing Clients…

  • 2 secrets that made a HUGE five-digit monthly difference in John’s grant writing business that you to can start doing today
  • Discover the #1 Anxiety Remover to calm prospective clients fears about buying your services.
  • The one game-changer that John was underestimating that can have a profound impact on you getting more “Yes’s”.
  • Learn the Best Ways to move forward when you’re starting up and don’t have a strategy
  • Discover why its necessary to have both online and offline strategies to gain and maintain clients
  • Get winning advice on pricing your services for maximum profit to start making more immediately!!

Dr. Drew shares the secrets of how his grant writing business made over $30,000 in a single month and what he did differently to get these results!


  • Discover one thing you have to develop the GUTS to ask for to get more business coming your way!
  • See how you can turn vulnerability and risk into great assets
  • Gain reassurance on why the your grant writing skills are extremely valuable and how to monetize it
  • Learn a counterintuitive move you should use now that can have a profound impact on your bottom line
  • Learn how underpricing harms your business and what to do right now

This exclusive and inspiring interview will shed light on an essential business tool that every grant writing business should have but most don’t have!

You will even hear the one thing that John credits as taking him from being an unemployable guy to becoming a successful business owner.  Learn more about Exclusive Interview with John Drew …


Enjoy special insight from FUNDERS as they share insider’s information to help you get funded. With this special bundle you pay for 3 and get 1 FREE!    This must have special bundle puts you on the fast track to understanding how funders think and what they most want to see in order to determine if they want to give you the money with their grants.

You will benefit by hearing from…

  • Olga de la Cruz, former Program Officer at the California Endowment ($ 3 Billion Asset)
  • Leslie Ito, former Program Officer at the California Community Foundation
  • Wendy Garen, President of the Ralph Parson Foundation
  • Latonya Slack, former Program Office at the James Irvine Foundation

Learn more about Grant Writing Insight Funder Bundle …


Enjoy special insight from GRANT PROFESSIONALS who have raised millions of dollars in grant funding from public and private grants. With this special bundle you pay for 3 and get 1 FREE!    Just imagine what it would be like to sit with a grant professional and just pick their brains to discover how they approach grant writing and be able to get all of their tips, secrets and first hand knowledge of what works and what doesn’t.

You will gain this and more in these 4 Special Grant Writing Insights videos…plus hear from the following:

  • Lori Call, Veteran Grant Writer for Educational Institutions
  • Naomi Takechui, Social Enterprise Expert & Consultant
  • Judith Bowman, Veteran Grant Writer for the Humanities & Arts
  • Vickie Mann, Veteran Grant Consultant for Law Enforcement

Learn more about Grant Central USA’s Deluxe Grant Writing Course …


As a grant writer you should spend some time on writing YOUR business plan…right?

Discover the 5 Essential Things You Need To Develop A Successful Business. Avoid the Common Mistakes often made when developing a business plan and discover the Essential Elements of a Good Business Plan!

This special webinar helps you to change that and inspires you to develop the ALL important business plan to help you grow now.

  • Every successful business has a plan
  • Every successful business has some type of strategy
  • Every successful business must continuously refine their game plan or they will become obsolete

   Learn more about Grant Writing Business Plan Webinar …


You’ve got people who need your services…but let’s faces it…they’ll never know about you UNLESS you learn how to market and sell yourself better…right?

This is the first time this Power Packed set has been all combined together to help you accelerate your learning, grow your business fast while AVOIDING costly common mistakes business owners often make so you can enjoy greater Profits!

In this 4 Special Set Bundle you will benefit by learning from not just one or two veteran grant business owners. You will have 3 experts, John Drew, Phil Johncock, and Rodney Walker, with a proven track record of building successful grant writing businesses reveal their strategies and secrets for growing their businesses. Learn more about Growing Your Grant Writing Business …


Avoid Costly Grant Writing Mistakes by discovering the three pillars for Successful Grant Writing that Gets Funded as Rodney Walker reveals these essential legs.

EVERY grant writer should know these 3 very important components in grant writing to bring in the Money! Each of these are revealed in this informative webinar.

You will discover…

  • Why most grants don’t get funded because they don’t incorporate ALL three of these essential components
  • The first leg reveals how to increase the likelihood of getting your grants approved!
  • See why many grant proposals fail to become successful by discovering the most overlooked leg in the entire grant development process by most grant professionals and how to correct this in your grant pursuit right now!

Learn more about the 3-Legged Stool …


Do You Want to Start a Nonprofit Board…But Don’t Know Where to Begin?   Maybe you have questions like these:

  • How many people should I have on my board?
  • Must I have a board as a nonprofit?
  • Where do I get these board members from?
  • Who should I have on my board?
  • When should we meet?
  • How often should we meet?
  • Who runs the meeting?
  • How long should our meetings last?
  • What should take place in our meeting?
  • Can a board member get paid and, if so, how much?

These are just a few of the many questions that you will learn the answers to in my Nonprofit Board Resource Package. It is especially for those who know very little about boards, yet, packed with so much information that it can also help those who are very familiar with boards.

Does your board face any of these problems?

  • Board members are simply unaware of their roles and responsibilities
  • Poor attendance to board meetings
  • Poorly conducted board meetings
  • Lack of board involvement
  • Challenge with recruiting good board members
  • No board orientation for new board members
  • Poor board-to-board relations
  • Poor Board-to-Staff relations
  • The founder continues to keep a tight grip on the agency

You’ll learn the best way to recruit and orient your board members. In the workbook you will get step-by-step directions to show you what you need to do.

Build your nonprofit board’s capacity by providing them with a solid understanding of their roles and responsibilities.

Our Nonprofit Board Development Resource Package will assist you in strengthening your board of directors for short and long-term organizational effectiveness.

You will learn:

  • The Roles and Responsibilities of the Nonprofit Board
  • The Role and Responsibilities of Executive Director
  • How the Executive Director and Board should relate
  • How to conduct effective Nonprofit Board Recruitment & Orientation
  • The best practices in running board meetings and committee meetings
  • Here is what you get to strengthen your nonprofit board:

And you’ll get our 5 Part Video Series for you to enjoy and discover how to make a winning board!

  • 2 CDs packed with great information from a pre-recorded board development workshop
  • Nonprofit Board Development Workbook with over 40 pages
  • Nonprofit Board Development PowerPoint Presentation Notes

PLUS Bonus Board Development Materials

  • 1 Set of Nonprofit Board Self

Learn more about Building the Board You’ve Always Wanted …


Details coming soon…. Learn more about Building Better Boards …


  • Get Three Free Videos Now to Help You with Grant Writing

In these free videos you will learn

  • 7 steps to help you write your first proposal in less than 30 days
  • Top 3 places to find funders and Federal Grants
  • What goes into a grant proposal
  • 1 thing you don’t want to overlook
  • BONUS VIDEO! How to avoid the top 5 common mistakes new grant writers make