Writing Skills

About Writing Careers

If you can write a simple sentence, you already have writing skills that may be worth a full-time income ~ one working from home.

If you can hold someone’s interest by simply telling a story, why not make a nice income from your gift of gab?

If you like more technical writing, consider helping those in need by writing grant proposals or white papers.

Could you help new businesses start up and grow by writing press releases, promotional copy, brochures, articles, white papers, web copy or dozens of other business writing needs? There’s no limit to where your writing skills can take you.

Could you help established businesses, the ones that had to downsize, by writing what their former employees used to write?

Or help people get jobs by preparing professional quality resumés. In this time of high unemployment, a good resumé is always in demand. (My first resumé client paid over twice what I paid for this course.)

Note that there is some degree of overlap between niches. While grant writing is certainly B2B as well as a copywriting niche, it is in it’s own, specialized field with distinct characteristics that set it apart. Part story-telling, part technical writing, part sales writing, part solicitation, it’s a great career niche, and one you’ll be proud to be part of.

While copywriting shares much in common with marketing, again the distinct attributes of each niche address different needs and provide more opportunities to expand the services you can offer your clients. Why not study both niches and gain more than double the skill-power?

There are more opportunities for writers than ever, and we offer some really great training programs for a number of them. All include skills training for the niche they are in, and many include, also, the business setup and client marketing aspects, so they’ve got you covered.

Whether you’re a full time traveler or permanently located, any of these are great self employment preparation courses. All are fully refundable, so no worries there.

Check out a few of the course descriptions in our writing niche sub-pages: