Biz to Biz (B2B) Writing Courses

Business to Business Writing


B2B WRITING: Business to business writing, or B2B, includes sales and information marketing for businesses who serve other businesses. Manufacturers and distributors, among dozens of B2B businesses, need to describe their products, market their products and establish themselves within the business community. You might find yourself writing for a parts manufacturer who sells to appliance manufacturers, or product manufacturers or distributors who sell to retail store owners; or medical equipment manufacturers or pharmaceutical companies. This list of potential clients is truly endless. Learn more about B2B Writing …


Secrets of Writing High-Performance B2B Copy: Wondering if B2B copywriting is for you? The world of copywriting is pretty large and diverse. Clients come in all sizes and types, from small proprietorships to international corporations. Projects can range from a multi-piece direct mail package, to white papers, to brochures, or email campaigns, product descriptions or instructions manuals … the potential is endless. If B2B is your niche, you can’t go wrong with this guide, written by Steve Slaunwhite especially for AWAI students, and edited by Bob Bly. With these two copywriting gurus behind this program you can be sure you’re learning the best of the trade. Plus, you’ll receive 4 Bonus Reports:

  • The B2B Writer’s Toolkit,
  • 16 audio recorded lessons
  • in addition the lessons in PDF format
  • an exclusive webinar session with Steve Slaunwhite on how to maximize the potential of your website to promote your B2B copywriting services.

Follow the link and take AWAI’s short quiz and find out which type of copywriting you’re most suited for. Learn more about the kinds of projects B2B copywriters get to do …


Writing Case Studies: How to Make a Great Living by Helping Clients Tell Their Stories: Companies need to tell their success stories to let clients know how they can help them. These are called Case Studies, and they are the company’s side of the testimonial story. Case Studies simply tell a story of a customer’s problem and how your client solved it.

As with so many B2B writing relationships, once you’ve made your client happy, it’s easier for them to keep sending work your way than to start over with an unknown writer. So, look forward to future assignments, including many different types, like web copy, articles, or emails.

Ed Gandia takes you step by step through 8 modules that will have you performing like an experienced professional on your first assignment. Writing these 1-2 page case studies can easily bring in about $1,000 for a day’s work Sweet! Learn more about Writing Case Studies …


Desktop Marketing for Success, Independence and Income: It may not seem like marketing, but newsletters are, indeed, marketing pieces. They have other purposes, as well. Newsletters inform people about new and existing products, niche topics, company events and progress, club news, local business news, and just about anything you can think of. And they are one of the few methods of advertising that are seen as news or entertainment material Newsletters are only one of many desktop publishing and marketing services that come under this category. Desktop marketing all includes brochures, web ads, web pages, promotions for other new business startups who can’t afford a full time marketer, email marketing, sales inserts, countertop flyers, catalogs, magazine ads, radio and TV commercials and direct-response letters.  Learn more about Desktop Marketing …


Money-Making Website: The traditional approach to savings and retirement doesn’t work anymore. But a great, and easy way to earn extra money is to set up you own Money-Making Website. This course teaches you everything ~ how to set up your website, how to write in a conversational style about your topic, and you can pick any topic you enjoy sharing with others. This program teaches you how to pick your topic (or topics if you want to set up several Money-Making Websites,) how to earn money from ads, affiliate products, how to get your website online, and how to turn it into a cash machine.   Learn more about Desktop Marketing …