Website Audit

Website Audit Made Simple

Site Audit Made Simple: Consult Your Way to Lucrative Web Copywriting Projects today. 

Pam Foster is a successful web copywriter, consultant, content writer and trainer. She knows what make a website succeed, and shares her knowledge in Site Audit Made Simple. At this price, the program more than pays for itself by teaching you how to make your own website audit a profitable magnet for your customers.

But using that same knowledge to audit other businesses’ sites can bring you multiple income streams.

  • Get paid to audit sites and recommend improvements
  • Then get paid again to make those improvements
  • And get paid again to maintain ongoing improvements or to train your clients how to do so themselves.

And I do mean paid WELL. Your first audit could bring you tenfold what you’ll pay for this smart course. Find out how to easy it is to perform Site Audits and start a new career working from home …