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When people learn that we’ve been working-from-home since 1978, they want to know how we find freelance work that we can do as full time RVers?

HOW: We simply saw the need, and filled it. The trick is learning how to see an opportunity and a solution that we could fulfill.

THE NEED: We saw a slow job market, increasing unemployment and underemployment creating the need for both freelance work and workers.

THE FILL: Having worked from home since 1977, spotting work-from-home opportunities became a habit. So, for the RVing community, we searched for ways for RVers to learn what you need to earn a living independently. We hope the tools you find in our pages will help you learn, or expand your skills, and help you find the opportunities to begin your freelance career.

The links under this Biz Startups tab present dozens of courses to help you develop skills for earning a living filling the needs that you see all around you. Stay alert!

Freelancing vs. Home Based Business

We’ve moved around a lot over the years. Because many of our moves were to remote communities, it was necessary for me to find work outside of my professional field (respiratory therapy.) The most efficient way I found to do this was to set up a home based business.


Some of these jobs involved writing for remote employers or clients, in varying niches, and others were more community-specific. While I have had a lot of experiences in these areas, these are best classified as freelance jobs. For mobile income, location independent, and freelancing opportunities, visit the appropriate niches under Career Niches menu. These jobs can be done from anywhere and don’t require a permanent location

Home Based Businesses

In this section you will find home based businesses that I have set up and run myself. These are businesses that usually require a fixed office location and require all the legal elements of any local business. Note that I said usually, as I’ve also adapted these to the mobile life of RVers.

The manuals here are my Shoestring Startups™. To be a Shoestring Startup™ they must meet specific criteria. These unique qualities include:

  • the ability to be started up with little or no investment
  • the ability to completely recoup your initial investment in a very short time OR
  • the ability to be started up with all expenses prepaid
  • client orders are also prepaid
  • there is no MLM or other “parent company” ~ this is YOUR business

I started each of these businesses from scratch, and actually ran these two businesses at the same time.

The first, Starting a CPR Certification Business on a Shoestring is exactly what the title says. You’ll need to get both a CPR card and an Instructor’s card, but you don’t need any other credentials. Assisting with a couple classes under the mentorship of an active instructor is not hard to arrange. And then, you’re qualified to hold your own classes. See the CPR Biz link under the Biz Startups tab for details. When we decided to live a mobile lifestyle, I developed ways to bring my classes to the communities we visited.

The second, the Local Ad Flyer business is actually pretty flexible. Not only is it an ideal local print-ad business, it can also be applied to an online advertising service. Again, no credentials are needed, but you should be confident in making business calls to business owners. This one also requires some natural sales ability, so be aware that I can’t teach you that. Again, this one is adaptable to our mobile lifestyle, and more so as the digital world expands.
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