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Biz Planning

Business planning is essential to continued success. Anyone can have a one-time-bonanza fall into their laps, but no one can count on a steady stream of bonanzas. So, for those in-between-bonanza periods, we resort to biz planning for how we get clients or customers, how we will reach them through marketing, how we will keep our products or skills current and meeting the needs of buyers, and how we’ll handle the complaints or changes in competition that threaten our stream(s) of income.

Under this tab are courses you can use FOR biz planning, improvements, troubleshooting, and growth. You won’t find these courses anywhere else as I created the two related to grant management, and co-created the CQI course. I used all of them successfully, and know that they work and are adaptable to a variety of situations. They are easily adaptable to the changing business trends and requirement, so they will never go out of date.

The first, CQI/TQM for the Rest of Us is a powerful quality management system that you can learn in less than two hours. Implementation depends upon how many employees you have and how long it takes them to view the video or read the book. If your a solo-preneur, it won’t take long. Just doing a few improvement plans will establish your individualized system. These plans are part of running your business, anyway, but most people never formalize or organize the way they justify their decisions. Now, you can, and very easily. This course/system is perfect for any business, any level of education, and is a great compliment to the next two grant writing related courses.

Our Win More Grants by Becoming Grant Ready was developed for the many grant writers who were asking what, exactly, is grant readiness and how can they get their non-profit organizations (NPO) into a state of grant readiness.

Stress-Free Strategic Grant Readiness, Planning and Management is a one-of-a-kind course based on a proprietary system of managing the flow of grant proposals up to submission, AND managing the process of choosing funding opportunities five or more years ahead. It included both of the above courses, in addition to the system, forms, and procedures necessary to make a truly STRESS-FREE grants management system.


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