Grant Readiness
Win More Grants by Becoming Grant Ready

Win More Grants 

by Becoming Grant Ready


Some of the hottest articles and topics on grant writing forums are about becoming Grant Ready. Writers are asking:

  • What does it mean to be Grant Ready?
  • How can I help my NPO become Grant Ready?
  • How does Grant Readiness help my NPO?
  • What if we’re not Grant Ready?
  • How would funders know whether we’re Grant Ready or not?
  • It seems overwhelming. How can we become Grant Ready?

So, we surveyed grant writers around the world to see how they answered these questions, and believe me, there were hundreds of fabulous answers. While everyone had a slightly different spin on what Grant Readiness is and how to achieve it, they all offered very useful insights.

We took our old Grant Readiness checklist and compared it to all the responses, new regulations and practices, funder expectations, and updated our checklist as appropriate. Our original 1-½ page, 5-category checklist suddenly grew to over 7 pages, still with only 5 categories.

But even that didn’t seem sufficient. Based on the questions asked in the forums, by new writers as well as seasoned ones, grant writers had many questions that couldn’t be answered, even with an expanded checklist. So, to answer those questions in full, we created a short but inclusive online video course titled Win More Grants by Becoming Grant Ready

If you’d like to join the leaders in grants management, enroll in Win More Grants by Becoming Grant Ready and show your NPO or NPO clients the fast track to becoming Grant Ready and winning more grant awards.

Win More Grants by Becoming GRANT READY is a condensed grant-planning preparation course. It covers of all the documents and organizational foundations you need to have in place to successfully apply for grant funding, impress grant makers, and run a smooth grant-management system. Grant Readiness always, always includes the latest data, statistics, descriptions, outcomes, and other information that supports your need and justifies your solution. Funders will require this preparation before they will consider granting any funding.

  • The first six lectures describe why GRANT READINESS is important, and what a GRANT READY NPO looks like.
  • The last four lectures review the contents of five checklists and why those items matter.
  • Lecture 11 wraps up with a summary, assignments to build your own GRANT READINESS resource, and a simple system for managing these records.
  • You’ll download a seven-page checklist of needed items, broken down into five categories. The checklist can be used as is, or edited to fit your or your clients’ needs. This checklist is suitable for most categories of charitable giving

By the way, with your enrollment, you get lifetime access to the course. Use it for teaching your NPO staff exactly what you learned, and add an invaluable and billable service to offer your NPO staff and clients.

Enroll in Win More Grants by Becoming GRANT READY” today

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