Strategic Grant Planning & Management

Strategic grant planning
Strategic grant planning

Stress-Free Strategic

Grant Planning & Management ~ System and ToolKit

The Tools You Need

Get all the tools you need for planning your current and future grant funding in our one-of-a-kind Strategic Grant Planning Toolkit, designed to guide you in strategically planning your grant funding campaign for three, five, or more years in the future.

Choose which funders to approach now, which later, which for capital funding, and which for programs using our proprietary Excel Planning Tools. Enter as many funders, projects and criteria as you need and use this tool to help choose, eliminate and prioritize grant applications. Other forms help you track funding received and other information needed to complete applications. There are forms to help track the status of any campaign, funds received and funds yet needed, and forms to keep you on track, so you never miss a deadline. There’s really so much more…

Track your eligibility for grants, status of applications, amounts awarded, which grants match your needs, and even track donors in our FileMaker Pro database. Included are dozens of fields to enter funders, categories, purposes, deadlines, dates submitted, dates and amounts awarded, next-eligible dates, goal matches, and just about anything that you would want to track.

And if you don’t happen to have the FileMaker Pro software, you can always use the Excel Spreadsheet for this purpose.

And a Simple System

Grant planning with the Stress-Free Strategic Grant Planning, & Management Toolkit also provides an internal grant proposal process, a system that keeps your submission on track while eliminating the stress that usually goes with trying to meet the submission deadline. With this course, you’ll submit long before the deadline, and every submission will be flawless.

If you’re new to grant writing, but would like to learn how easily you can enter this field (grant writers are in high demand), it’s easier than you think to learn this writing skill. You can’t get a better education for $39 than to purchase Bob Bly’s “How to Break Into the Lucrative Freelance Grant Writing Market”. This book is a complete ‘how to’ showing you everything you need to know to begin your career as a grant writer.

Combine that knowledge with our tools for planning a grant funding campaign and you’ll look like a seasoned and well-prepared pro the day you approach your first employer.

Grant Writer’s Stress-Free Strategic Planning & Management ToolKit is available in online video format, or home study format which combines this course plus the Grant Readiness and CQI courses, mentioned below.  This video course includes all the downloads in our original course plus updated forms, a course textbook, lifetime access to the online course and a discussion panel where I can answer your question directly or you can interact with other students. The other two courses, included in the home study course, are available as separate video courses. See the links below.

This is the ideal set of tools to make your NPO more competitive. It’s also the perfect set of tools to aid any independent grant writer. Think of how you’ll impress your NPO clients when you tell them you have a complete program to manage and plan their grant funding, and one that will improve their operations at the same time. This course includes the complete strategic planning course. Sold separately are the Win More Grants by Becoming Grant Ready course, and the CQI/TQM for the Rest of Us course.

As with all of our programs, your purchase gives you lifetime access to the course, and is 100% refundable within 30 days. No questions asked.


You can enroll in the combination course, which includes all three courses. Titled Stress-Free Strategic Grant Readiness, Planning and Management“. You’ll get a $10 discount by enrolling in this course. 


Grant Writer’s Strategic Grant Planning & Management Tutorial.pdf

Grant Management Database & Strategic Planning Workbooks (requires FileMaker Pro) folder

  • FunderDatabase.fp7
  • FunderDatabaseExamples.fp7
  • DB Conversion folder

 FMPro_Migrator_FileMaker_to_Access_Migration_Procedure.pdf (info about software to convert FileMaker Pro databases to other db formats


  • DB Screenshots folder

 FMPro Database Screenshots.pdf (five views)

  • Tools & Planners – Excel Forms-Strategic Planners Billing folder

GW Time Tracker.xlsx (for Time and Billing)

Strategic Plan & Forms-blankxlsx (12 forms used in strategic grant planning and tracking, including three levels of calculating which funder RFP is best for which program, in which sequence, and at what time.

Strategic Plan & Forms-Examples.xlsx

Articles folder

  • Ethics-Articles

Professional Compensation

Professional Standards, Code of Ethics

About Paying Comissions on Grant Proposals

    and more…

GW Tips-Articles folder

Articles on Effective GrantWriting

Freelancing & Individual Grants

Grant Funding Tips

    and more …

Strategic Planning Articles (Website Link) folder

All About Strategic Planning

Value of Volunteers-Articles folder

Value of volunteer time

    and more …

Grant Planning Procedures folder

Grant Writer’s Sequence: Application Planning Meeting

  • Preparing Your Proposal Information for the Grant Writer folder

Do your budget first

Put together a Grant Team that works

Intra Office Communication and Grant Writing

Tracking Grant Writing Work & Organization

Your Role in Getting Funder Support folder

Soliciting Prospects Effectively

Preparing Your Board Members for Fundraising

PDF Forms folder

  • Individual Forms folder

CGA-DFW Common Grant Application

CGA-Ohio Common Grant Appl

Grant Proposal Routing Slip

Grant readiness Short Form

Grant Trkg Policy & Procedure

Proposal Samples & GW Links

Sample Proposal – Video Project

Strategic Grant Plan CGA CGR Forms

Word Forms folder

Biographical Sketch

Board Member Roster

CGA-CGRF Worksheets 17 pages

NPO Intake Questionnaire w/examples

Generic Grant Writing Contract

Funder Contact Tracker

Funder Prioritizer2=Simple

Common Grant Application Instructions

Common Grant Report Form

Grant Team Planner

Grant Proposal Routing Slip

Grant Tracking Policy & Procedure

Strategic Grant Planning Policy & Procedure

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