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This is a fun, creative, and very social business that thrives where ad rates are too high for many businesses. It offers affordable advertising and irresistible copy. Everyone reads these, and many people take them home.

We started our Local Ad Flyer Biz because we needed an affordable way to advertise our CPR Certification business. Not only did we get free advertising for our business, the ads we sold paid for the entire publication AND gave us an additional income.

While we ran ours from our home in Colorado, there are ways to adapt this business to full-time RVing. We’ll teach you how to do that.

AHG’s Ad Flyer Business Startup Program: is a fast read, but does take a couple weeks to plan and prepare. RVers might take a bit longer as your clients will be wherever you travel. We published our first issue within a month of deciding to do this, and that included the time it took us to develop all of the promotional materials and sell enough ads to cover our initial investment.

You can get this business up and running for less than $500 if you already have a computer. In fact, you don’t even need a computer if you can assemble a page master by hand, the old-fashioned way.

This $500 goes entirely into your business, covering expenses for travel (for client contacts,) printing, license if your community requires one, the cost of this manual and other similar business setup costs. While you’ll have to do your own selling, we provide promotional material samples that you can adapt to your market.

The really great part about this business is that startup basically costs you nothing. How’s that? Before you’re ready to print your first issue for distribution, you can earn and collect enough from prepaid ads to recoup your initial investment, the cost of your first publication, or more.

See the details below about this simple, fun home study course:



Some business services just sell themselves, like local flyer ads that solve a lot of advertising problems for many businesses. If you’ve checked the cost of any newspaper ad these days, you know that advertising is out of reach for many businesses. Even classifieds are pricey, which make your local flyer ads even more enticing, because they attract classified advertisers, too.

An affordable means of advertising could just be the solution for a lot of people. This is an ideal job for everyone involved…

  • The work involved in publishing a local ad flyer is fun and easy.
  • Publishing a local ad flyer can be very profitable. $10,000 per month is not an unreasonable goal.
  • Expenses are very low, and there are NO franchise fees.
  • A local ad flyer is a great contribution to your local community.
  • Themes and formats vary, so you aren’t limited to one type of flyer. You can design one that is the best fit for your clients or use one of our formats.
  • *We published our ad flyer for two years and will teach you the secrets for making this business work.
  • If you can’t provide all of the features we did for our flyer, we have several solutions that you can substitute.
  • Local ad flyer publishing can be set up in economic stages, so you can start on a shoestring and run that way for a long time.
  • Requires minimal investment for things you probably already have; a computer, software, a car, and under $500 to publish your first issue. (NOTE: You can get that cash from your clients’ prepaid ads.)
  • Ads are considerably more affordable, making prominent advertising possible for smaller businesses.
  • Run business or classified ads. Your client base is unlimited.
  • Your clients will develop a more personal relationship with you than with mass advertisers creating a more loyal following.
  • Your clients can run larger display ads for significantly lower costs.
  • Your clients can associate themselves with local events more prominently than in mass media.
  • Client ads are more visible than in newspapers, directories and other forms of advertising.
  • If you offer online versions of your publication your clients benefit from increased circulation.

If you love selling, this may be just the business for you. We provide the sales materials you need. Not only is an advertising flyer business easy to set up and run, it doesn’t require any formal education, nor does it require a lot of start-up money. You may already have most of what you need to get started: a computer, a printer, a phone. The software doesn’t have to be high end, professional programs. Most of what you need can be found in little or no cost freeware and shareware.

The primary skill you’ll need is the ability to sell ads. If you can write entertaining articles, that’s a plus, but it’s only one option. We will show you a variety of themes for your flyer that will attract both advertisers and readers.

Running your own business is work. You have to know how to provide the services you offer, how to make them work for your clients, how to get clients and how to keep them. Our program teaches you all you need to know.

Learn the Secrets of Publishing a Local Ad Flyer

You will learn how to start on a shoestring yet look like a pro.

We’ll show you how to:

  • Create your budget
  • Determine your costs of operation
  • Develop your business plan
  • Create a start-up business proposal
  • Identify other common advertising flyer income opportunities
How to Design Your Flyer

You will learn:

  • Different flyer formats and themes
  • What features to include in your flyer
  • How to lay out your pages for publication
  • What software you need
  • How to design a page manually
  • Tips on designing display ads
  • Advice for clients to make their ads more productive
  • How to sell ads
  • Features and benefits of your flyer
  • Advantages of your flyer over other ad media
  • Where to get content for your flyer
  • How to create content for your flyer
  • How to make a profit with ad flyer publishing
  • How to manage the business of ad flyer publishing
  • Copyright information – protecting your intellectual property
  • And much more…
Building Your Client Base

You will learn:

  • How to promote your ad flyer to businesses
  • How to build a contact list
  • Maintaining a database of clients and prospects
  • Tracking your success
  • How to distribute your flyer
  • How to set fees
  • How to schedule publication
  • Which records to maintain
  • Where to publish
  • How to stand up against your competition
  • How you can expand your business


Business Management

You will receive:

  • A database (in FileMaker Pro as a deliverable) to track clients, ads placed, distribution points, fees, renewal dates, reminders, and much more
  • How to estimate and budget costs for immediate and future equipment and supplies, options to get started and build your business within your budget, cost projections, revenue projections, and analysis of past expenses and revenues
  • A quality improvement system that you can use to identify and develop improvements in your business operations or plan future growth

While you should expect to work at any business you start, the nice thing about running a local ad flyer business is that you don’t have to work too hard. We worked about two days a week publishing biweekly. A weekly publication might keep you busy three or four days a week as a “one-man” operation. But then, who knows where your growth will take you?

It is possible to to get this business started without quitting your ‘day job’. And it isn’t too demanding. You could use it as a second source of income, which makes it an option even when you live in a rural area with small advertiser base. Or, you could use it as a main income while full-time RVing. It’s a business that doesn’t have too much competition, yet, anyway.

We’ll walk you through everything you’ll need to know, learn, have and do to get your publication up and running, and into the hands of the all important reader. We provide some useful sales materials to help you get started. If you’re already well-grounded in selling, you can use, alter, or expand on these materials in any way that works for you.

And if you really don’t know where to get content for your flyer, we can help there, also. While we can write content for you (for a per piece rate,) we can also help you find PLR (republishing rights) and public domain content that you can publish free and keep your costs at a minimum.

Start a New Career with a Local Ad Flyer, Today!
Only $50 (limited time)

NOTE: Your Local Ad Flyer Shoestring Startup™ manual should download automatically, once your payment processes. This is a large zip file, about 63 MB, so give it some time. Then check your DOWNLOADS FOLDER. If it never arrives, please contact us and we’ll get you fixed up ASAP.

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