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For those of you just getting started as well as seasoned genealogists, our site offers learning resources, discounts, and links to really great sites and products. It’s growing and changing so check back often. Please check our dropdown menu for pages on:

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As an RVer you’re the envy of all genealogy buffs, able to see, first hand, the places your ancestors settled, while searching archives and repositories, and doing all this as part of your lifestyle. How sweet is that? You, more than anyone, need to have access to the tools and resources, in ways that don’t take up any space.

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Here’s What our Students Say About Our Courses

Online Students

** Best of the Best~I have purchased over 50 Udemy courses. This is the best I have seen. It is comprehensive, detailed, and well-organized from start to finish. It adheres to the best teaching standards and is well delivered.

I have been involved in collecting my family’s genealogy for more than 25 years. Never have I encountered as complete a coverage of genealogy procedures. When combined with the rigor stressed in appropriate documentation and standards of evidence, this course is suitable for the beginner and long-term seeker of family truth.

Well done!

** Loved the course, even though I’ve been doing genealogy for a while I learned quite a bit…

** I’m glad you are so receptive to all the comments, I sometimes hate to comment on things as so many people get crazy and don’t want to hear anything but the positive. 

** This was really a helpful class … So many resources packed into this course! I love the way you keep things moving rather quickly so that every experience level can advance at their own pace.

** I have been doing research for a few years now, and even though some of the lessons had information I already knew, there was so much more that I didn’t. I am so happy I did this.

** I love the links built into the download; brilliant. And covering occupations, medical terms, outbreaks and Latin is fantastic. It’s not something instinctive and I’m so happy because many of my relatives are Catholic and the records are in either French or Latin. Your content is well thought out and I can’t wait to continue tomorrow. You’ve included having a focus in one of the lectures; important for everyone.

** I notice the area on the far right that opens so that you can take notes. I really like that feature!! 

I’ve gotten through the first 7 lessons – your explanations are really wonderful – I especially love the cousins lesson it is a hard concept to explain and you were able to cover it very well. 

** I am almost half way thru it and i am enjoying it – i agree with [student] about the cousins lesson-really helpful!..that form was better than the one i had always seen.

** I fall into the people who have been at it forever and I did find it helpful, so you are covering everything very well for both the beginner and the experienced which is a hard balance to maintain…

** I‘m on lesson 7 – and learning so much! … I think the sound quality is good and am loving all the links! Thank you for sharing your expertise with us!

Classroom Students

** Exceeded my expectations. Micki was a wonderful instructor who came to class with years of research experience which she shared with us. I found her to be very encouraging and very helpful and was generous with help even when class wasn’t in session. ~ Allenda Elam

** I am very pleased with the guidance course materials and helpfulness of the instructor.           ~ Glen Crain

** Learned useful ways to approach brick walls. ~ William Sadler

** Wonderful Class. I’d like to take it again. ~ Nancy Copple

** Really appreciate your research, printed and DVD package. ~ Bonnie Sadler