Get Paid to Blog: Where the Jobs Are & How to Compete

AHG RV logoIf you can write, then get paid to blog. Getting paid to blog is a perfect solution to help finance your travels. Finding paid blogging jobs is another matter, though. So, this week, I’ll talk about where to find some of those “get paid to blog” jobs, and what it takes to get hired.

Beat Your Blog Competition

If you’re seeking a position to blog for someone else, then keep these few things in mind. If blogging sounds like a good job to you, it will to many others. Many of your competitors have the equal, or even better, qualifications than you have. But your application’s appearance makes the first impression on the employer, and could make the difference between getting a second review or getting tossed. Like your resumé the purpose of your application is to get an interview, or otherwise be chosen for consideration. But that’s not all that employers will review.

It helps if you have some experience as a blogger. It’s a plus if you have your own blog. If you don’t, then start one. Show, both in your blog and in your application, that you know something about their niche or topic. Show that you have a personal interest in that subject. Don’t apply for blog jobs in topics you know nothing about or have no interest in.

Experienced bloggers know how to use SEO. Can you grow a following? Capture email? Any blog-related skills help you stand out. If not you can learn these skills. Our Career Niches tab lists plenty of resources for learning blogging skills, SEO, email marketing, social networking, and much more.

Your Blog Application

Reviewers may give only a brief glance to each application before deciding which ones to consider. Expect reviewers to discard any application that doesn’t meet their submission criteria, exactly. In addition to presenting your qualifications, your application is a test of how well you follow instructions, and how observant you are.

  • Keep your application as short as possible, yet, include everything they ask for.
  • Avoid the temptation to include irrelevant information, even if it’s about your proudest accomplishment.
  • Make sure you follow the application instructions perfectly.
  • Include something that catches their attention (without looking foolish.)
  • Attach, (or create if necessary,) the best of your writing samples, especially any that are in the same niche you are applying for.
  • If you write in different styles, (i.e. technical, humorous, instructional, etc.) include samples to show your flexibility.
  • Include links to live websites where your articles appear.

Remember that you are selling yourself. Despite not knowing your competition, or what they offer, make your attributes outshine theirs. Review your application as though you were an employer reviewing it. Would you hire this person? Do you want to invest your money in this person?

Blog Job Resources

I got my first blogging job from a Craigslist ad around 2004. Even then Craigslist had a reputation for scams. But I took this chance knowing that, at worst, I’d be out the time to write a couple articles if this was fraudulent. Fortunately it wasn’t. I found myself writing for Page 1 Solutions, and was paid regularly to write articles and blogs. They gave me some excellent coaching during those years, for which I’m very grateful. Use caution when applying for jobs on Craigslist, but also know that, more often than not, the ads posted on Craigslist are legitimate.

Bid for Blog Jobs,, and similar job bidding sites, offer quite a bit of work opportunities. With Upwork and Guru you can enroll as a provider and bid on jobs posted by employers. You’ll be competing with people who bid low. But, rather than compete with low bidders, bid for the higher paying jobs and build a reputation for writing clear accurate English, or excelling in your chosen blog niche, and you’ll eventually have employers contacting you. As a Fiverr provider you’ll have to do your own promotions outside the Fiverr system. Fiverr offers a list of jobs you can bid on but less extensive than what you’ll find on the bidding sites.

Apply for Blog Jobs

Companies looking to hire bloggers place paid ads on ProBlogger, which are available to applicants at no charge. A quick look at the jobs list suggests that you quote your rates to them, but some may have their own rates. Each ad is different. I spotted ads in a wide variety of niche and writing categories. Marketing, technology, health products and social media appear most often in the list as of today. But other topic writers, such as business, fashion, paleo, and much more are also being sought. I also spotted some copywriting ads, so this list may offer bigger gigs than blogging.

People Per Hour is centered in the UK, but promotes some of its jobs as “remote.” You never know how far out they consider remote. When Guru and Upwork have both employers and providers from around the world, being located in the UK may not be a limiting factor.

Freelance Writer’s Den offers paid memberships, and touts high paying freelance blog and writing jobs. It’s rather exclusive in that they limit the number of members. But you can get on the waiting list and be notified when “the doors open,” as they put it. Currently monthly fees for the Freelance Writers Den is $25, and for Den 2X $139. That sounds pretty steep, but if you find blog jobs that pay well and you get plenty of work, it may be worth it.

More Blog Job Resources

Check out Be a Freelance Blogger where you can download Sophie Lizard’s ebook loaded with 75 blogs that pay. This site offers a blog and several ebooks, in addition to the list of blogs that pay. One of them is about what bloggers charge. Blogging pays better than you might think. You can download that here.

And finally, search the Internet. Use search terms like “write for us + [your niche]”, or “blogs + [your niche]”. Search the resulting sites for guidelines, submission forms, pay rates, by lines, and copyright terms. If you really want paid blogging gigs, they’re out there. Go get ‘em!

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