Rodan + Fields ~ A Fast-Growing Mobile Income Opportunity

Rodan + Fields ~ A Fast-Growing Mobile Income Opportunity

Clear Skin
Clear Skin

by Guest Blogger Fawn Volkert

There I sat, frustrated with the reality of my career and the inability to impact the world in the way I know that I was meant to. I wanted the opportunity to do more good and realized that even while sitting on 300 vacation hours for nearly 5 years, that no matter how hard I worked that I had hit my head squarely on the ceiling of limitations! Either I’d grow my career by title and fame or stop and reassess alternate income streams to support my mission work. In the midst of prayer, I found Rodan + Fields. Or I guess it found me, over lunch with friends.

Rodan + Fields IS a network-marketing distribution business! For that reason, I wanted to say ‘no’ to this opportunity. I thought I knew something about multi-level marketing and direct sales, as I’ve participated in a good handful already. So, I asked the questions you are all asking now!

What is Rodan + Fields selling?

We are selling dermatological-grade solutions to everyday skincare problems. Rodan + Fields anti-aging skincare line was created by the Doctors of Proativ ®. The products are based on the Stanford-trained dermatologists philosophy of Multi-Med Therapy® and to offer clinically proven results in your own home. The company also offers a 60-day money back guarantee on all products.

Is there a startup fee?

Yes, this is a business and not a job. Therefore, you must purchase your business tools and products. The startup packages are valued much higher than priced and are the only time that you will be offered product at 50% off. There are various startup packages to consider, each greatly impacting the growth-potential of your business. Pricing and content information can be found here

What’s my monthly minimum purchase requirements?

While there is an optional $24.95 online office subscription fee, there are no monthly minimum purchase requirements for consultants. Now, in order to unlock my commissions with Rodan + Fields monthly, I must fill my Sales Volume (SV) ‘bucket’ with 100 points (20 of which come from my online office subscription). The remainder of the bucket is filled by my personal and retail purchases. Essentially, one retail sale a month could fill the bucket. However, I’m a firm believer in investing in my business and because I love the product, I’m usually buying something for personal use anyhow! My monthly SV easily exceeds 100 points each month and reaching it has never been an issue.

What’s the earning potential?

These are those things I typically learn as I go and so I wasn’t concerned. I wanted personal testimony and got that. My lunch companions were funding mission trips and others were building orphanages. I knew that their success wasn’t achieved magically and that I’d have to work my business! Well working my business is absolutely paying off and I too have steadily grown my mission along with my business! In the chance that you are not a ‘learn as you go’ kind of person, you can read about more of the competitive compensation plan here. But in short, consultants earn retail commission as well as bonus residual commissions by securing loyal customers and building a successful team.

How saturated is this opportunity?

My lunch companions were about 4 people away from the founding consultant and as it turns out, this product is marketable to anyone with skin! There is roughly one dermatologist for every 30,000 people in the U.S., and Rodan + Fields has real solutions that provide visible results for the most common skin concerns.

Do I have to have parties or carry inventory?

No and no! Consultants receive websites with online ordering and Rodan + Fields manages the processing of orders!

I knew by the end of my lunch date that THIS was in fact the opportunity I was looking for. The greatest perk is that the product is absolutely amazing and I FINALLY love the skin I’m in. Rodan + Fields has been life changing!

So why should you join my team now? Because my team is #TeamBold. We link arms and encourage success with one another, we share and train together (virtually) and are growing rapidly, simply due to character! There is still a ground-level opportunity as we begin to launch Rodan + Fields into other countries. But mostly it’s time for you to claim your financial and time freedom; the opportunity to travel the world and run your business at the same time!

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BIO: Fawn Volkert is passionate about her life as a mother and wife and feels drawn to work with vulnerable populations. For her, serving as encouragement to the hurting and broken, is an opportunity to give what she has been so blessed to receive. Fawn has earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Human Services and a Master’s Degree in Nonprofit Management in Philanthropy. Along with various leadership roles, She served as an Independent Consultant to new nonprofit organizations. Find Fawn on LinkedIn or

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