About Ad Hoc Group

Ad Hoc Group grew out of a combination of necessity, opportunity business-objects-in-shipping-boxand experience.


Like you, our mobile lifestyle requires an income we can earn as we travel to our favorite places.


Finding portable or remote work is a common problem for the growing number of full time RVers. And unemployment and underemployment has been a growing problem for people in all walks of life for many years. One of the fastest growing segments of the RVing community is people aged 35 to 50 – all needing a way to earn a living on the road. A work at home career is an achievable solution. We can show you how to do this.


Self-employment and working from home since 1977 gave us a lot of experience ~ both failures and successes. For several years we owned a hardware/furniture store and started and ran a durable medical equipment company. But much of what we did involved working from home.

Ad Hoc Group Qualifications

Our home based business experience includes

and dozens of freelance writing jobs, including

  • About.com
  • NaturalNews.com
  • PageOne Solutions
  • and grant writing contracts.

We learned some of those freelance writing skills through programs you’ll find on our Career Niches page and the links under that tab. These include: Resumé Writing, Travel Writing, Copywriting, Stock Photography, and many more niches.

Perry and Michele have been respiratory therapists since 1971. Perry has set up and managed RT departments for several hospitals, including durable medical equipment services, along with his patient care responsibilities.

Michele moved from patient care to quality improvement coordinator, risk manager, and grant writer. She assisted in developing several revenue-generating services for hospitals. Many were based on needs identified through quality improvement plans. And many of these received startup funding through grants.

We lived in small, remote communities much of the time. When not employed as an RT, Michele earned extra income by working from home. We understand the limited job market, and need to be flexible. The trick is in knowing what you can do that others would pay for. Then, in recognizing unfulfilled needs that can make you money by filling those needs.

With all of this experience, we are in a great position to make our mobile living by sharing with you the many ways you can make yours. You’ll see how easy it is to live the fulltiming RVer’s life, or being able to work at home.

You’re the boss, now!


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