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Welcome to your Work-From-Home home. If you’re tired of being disappointed by home based business offers that make money for everyone but you, then finally, you’ve found the job home you’ve been looking for. Our long list of work from home training courses for legitimate biz-startups and self-employment careers should help restore you faith.

We focus on work from home service businesses that don’t require a big investment of time or money, inventory, much workspace, materials, storage, or lengthy training. Most are remote or portable careers.

See menus:

  • Biz Startups • Home based business startups, complete work from home business setups.
  • Career Niches • A list of over 50 home study and online video job skills courses. Find this sublist of work from home careers under the Biz Startups tab.
  • Biz Mgmt • Courses in quality management for all types of businesses, and grant management systems for grant consultants who want to get their clients organized and cooperative. These teach business support systems that are easy to implement but have tremendous benefits of saving time and money, improving quality, streamlining processes, and organizing your work from home business.
  • Remote Jobs • listings of employers who hire remote workers full time, part time, or temporary. (Coming soon, still under construction.)


All training products are 100% refundable ~

No questions asked!


Be Your Own Boss ~ No Get-Rich Schemes

Our goal is to provide home based business training, opportunities and resources that make it easier for you to succeed as your own boss.

A word of caution here ~ “Legitimate business opportunity” means that you have to work at running your business. We’re not recommending any get-rich-quick schemes. Being self-employed requires being business-savvy, committed, and persistent.


With so many opportunities you won’t have to rely on one employer as your sole source of income. Just tap into your talents, then exercise a bit of faith, elbow grease, courage, and your entrepreneurial spirit. You will soon find out what so many others have learned … that you CAN control your financial destiny.

Work from Home Career Niches

The courses under the Career Niches tab:

✔︎  These courses offer training in a variety of fields, like writing, photography, graphic design, social media marketing, website design, and more, that are perfect work from home niches

✔︎  All are highly portable and easy to do from any remote location, or even when rolling down the highway. (That’s “riding along” not “driving”)

✔︎  The courses we sell or promote are fully refundable (usually within 30 to 60 days after purchase)

✔︎  All are risk free, meaning you don’t have to give any reason for a refund

✔︎  All are offered by reputable and well-established companies and professionals known for their expertise in the topics they teach

✔︎  We have taken several of these courses and have earned nice incomes from what we learned. My first resumé client paid me double what the AWAI’s Resumé course cost me

Work from Home Biz-Startups

The courses under the Biz Startups tab:

✔︎  Allow your entire investment to go directly into your business, not to an intermediary to gain access to clients or products

✔︎  Requires minimal startup investment for your equipment and supplies (you choose supplier)

✔︎  Designed to earn revenue BEFORE you pay expenses (i.e. CPR Instructor or Local Ad Flyer)

✔︎ Can be set up in economical stages designed to earn revenue BEFORE you invest in supplies or equipment, thus, you can grow without incurring debt

✔︎  Full career training for less than $100 for most courses (all 100% refundable)

✔︎  All earnings are your revenue (no commissions) – This is YOUR business

✔︎  Are fully legitimate PROFESSIONS you’ll be proud to join

✔︎  Offer training in a nice variety of fields, and niches within those fields

✔︎  Our Biz Startups NEVER depend upon distributorships, MLM/pyramids, franchises, or require non-compete clauses or contracts that dictate how you run your business

✔︎  NEVER require quotas, franchise fees, payments or purchase minimums to maintain your business eligibility ~ You can buy from vendors of your choice

✔︎  Are subject only to the standards of practice or legal regulations for that profession

✔︎  Are businesses we have either worked in, owned ourselves, or investigated and found them reputable ~ These are jobs we’d do if we had time to do them all ~ You’re the Boss!

Please browse our tabs for details of each work at home course.

Best wishes for a happy and independent home-based business life

Thank you for visiting.

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