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Fabjob Career Guides

FabJob Career Guides

FabJob Career Guides are unique career guide e-pubs that cover careers not normally seen in books about starting new careers. FabJob offers 118 guides on starting new careers all on one site dedicated to opening new doors for you. Some of these are perfect for freelancers, some for entrepreneurs (fixed and mobile locations,) and some for employees who want to change careers, or get into something more exciting or exotic.

FabJob guides are written by authors who have worked in each respective career, and provide insider information and expert advice so you have a clear picture of what each niche is all about. Each guide describes a specific career and the characteristics of someone who might be a good fit. Other sections include how to get hired, learning the ropes, avoiding common mistakes, finding a mentor, getting noticed and more based on the specifics of the career.

Not only will you save much research time with a FabJob career guides, but you’ll be ahead of the game in your efforts to enter the profession ~ you’ll have inside information.

In our FabJob sub-menus, (Career Niches>FabJob Guides) you’ll find over 50 new pathways to careers you many never have known existed. I’ve chosen these specifically because of their potential for full-time RVers or anyone who is mobile. A few of the careers that work for RVers include writing specialties, advertising or marketing specialties, personal services including simple ones like dog walking, and exotic careers like working on a cruise ship, becoming an actor, or a personal celebrity assistant. These, of course are only a few, so please look over the entire list.

There are still 68 more FabJob Career Guides that require a fixed location, store or employer that are appropriate for others looking for a new career at a permanent location. But, for now, you’ll have to visit their site to learn about those.

I’ve broken the more mobile 50 career guides into five menus, but should point out that there are some that fit more than one category. So, if you’re wondering why Screenwriter is in the “Other” menu, it’s because it’s a more exotic writing career. There are quite a few interesting surprises in the “Other” category that don’t fit anywhere else.

So, please take a look at the guides listed in the sub-menus, or click on the links above. Maybe you’ll get some fresh and exciting ideas. And if you’re interested in a more permanently located job or business, visit FabJob and use the dropdown menu on the upper right to scroll through their entire list of FabJob Career Guides.

(NOTE: These submenus are under construction. I’ve listed the guides, but will continue to add a description for each. As a disclosure, FabJob is an affiliate, and we may earn a commission. Let me also say that years ago I looked into writing a guide for FabJob and had a chance to review the structure and content requirements for these guides. They’re very thorough and consistent in the outline format, which demands a tremendous amount of detail that only someone with job experience could provide. I kept these content requirements in mind when I wrote my own guides for CPR Instructor and Local Ad Flyer, though I chose a format based upon building a business plan.)


More Programs for Freelancers

This Site is Growing, Fast

What a week! I’ve gotten more accomplished in the last two days than the last two weeks, and it’s been quite a relief. But the part that might interest you is that I’ve just added about 20 more programs for freelancers to our Career Niche menus. Some are on writing income, others marketing, social marketing, graphic design, and becoming an Internet researcher.

Later, this week, I’m going to add a long list of business startups that will be a mix of fixed location businesses and mobile businesses.

There is some overlap between categories with our existing affiliate list of training programs, like “Site Audits Made SimpleThis is a course that’s useful for auditing your own website. It teaches great skills for everyone who has a website they use to promote or sell. AWAI does a great job of teaching you all the little things to look for that make your site get higher Google ratings, better conversions and work like the marketing tool it should be.

But this program also teaches how to audit other people’s sites, giving you another marketable skill. At $2,500 or so per site, that’s a nice freelance income. And if, for any reason, your clients aren’t up to making the improvements you recommend, there’s your upsell opportunity. Simply propose to make those changes for them. And of course you’ll charge for that service, too.

But it doesn’t end there. If they don’t want you to do the improvements for them, offer to teach them how to make the changes, and monitor/audit their site, themselves.


Emergency Preparedness Freebie

Don’t forget to grab your free 2-page Emergency Preparedness Checklist. The weather reports are warning of unpredictable weather and weather outcomes all across the southwest. But as you already know ~ from California’s mudslides, and the recent storms on the east coast, not to mention the destruction we’ve seen over the years ~ being prepared is essential, no matter where you travel or stay.

When you opt in you’ll be sent a download link to this PDF document. Page one is a checklist, and page two is full of emergency links that would come in handy during any emergency. If you view the form on your computer, the links are hot. But the links are also spelled out, so be sure to print a copy so that you can use them on any computer or phone.


I’ll be back later with more information about this new set of training products. Each one focuses on a specific, and complete business setup.