Emergency Preparedness Freebie

Emergency Preparedness Checklist

With all there is to learn about RVing, having an emergency preparedness checklist can be a lifesaver, literally. Download ours, courtesy of Ad Hoc Group. Grab your free 2-page checklist here: Emergency Preparedness Checklist. The weather reports warn of weather outcomes all across the country. But as you already know ~ from mudslides, forest fires, snow storms and hurricanes ~ emergency preparedness is essential, no matter where you travel or stay.

When you click the above link you can download this PDF document. Page one is a checklist, and page two is full of emergency links that would come in handy during any emergency. If you view the form on your computer, the links are hot. But the links are also spelled out, so be sure to print a copy so that you can use them on any computer or phone.


Career Spotlight: Get Paid to do Site Audits

There is some overlap between categories with our existing affiliate list of training programs, like “Site Audits Made SimpleThis is a course that’s useful for auditing your own website. It teaches great skills for everyone who has a website they use to promote or sell. AWAI does a great job of teaching you all the little things to look for that make your site get higher Google ratings, better conversions and work like the marketing tool it should be.

But this program also teaches how to audit other people’s sites, giving you another marketable skill. At $2,500 or so per site, that’s a nice freelance income. And if, for any reason, your clients aren’t up to making the improvements you recommend, there’s your upsell opportunity. Simply propose to make those changes for them. And of course you’ll charge for that service, too.

But it doesn’t end there. If they don’t want you to do the improvements for them, offer to teach them how to make the changes, and monitor/audit their site, themselves.

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