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$19 Udemy Deals on Work From Home Courses

Educational-Concept-Vector$19 Udemy Deals on

Work from Home Courses

Good until 6 a.m. PST 2/20/16

but well worth taking at full price, too

Udemy is running a $19 per course deal through 6 am PST on 2/20/16. Rather than post individual deals or make you search Udemy for courses related to working from home, I’ll just post them here. There are 38 such courses at present, and many teach valuable skills for those of us who are full timing. Just click the link to see the course description. Most of the titles hint at the specific method of making money. Some don’t, but their online descriptions will, so click the link to see what it’s all about. Others are more general, instructing how to make any niche make you more money with promotion techniques and other great business management insights. And if you don’t find anything here, check out our other tabs above. There are over 100 home study courses and guides related to careers, most of them being location independent.

Work From Home Courses

Work From Home – Learn How To Work From Home Successfully Millions of people work from home very successfully. But many fail, sadly, too. Why is this? This course explains all. (Simple title, but Alun Hill’s courses have so much valuable content that his title really says it all.)

Home Business Online Entrepreneur – Work From Home & Earn  Work From Home – create passive income with a home based business – make money online – residual income business models. (Mark Timberlake is another on who will steer you in the right direction.)

Work From Home – How To Make $1000s Every Month From Home! The Ultimate Work From Home Course – Learn How To Work From Home – Set Up Your Own Home Business And Make Money Online

Work from Home – A $0 to $8000/mo Social Media Biz in 1 Year Learn step-by-step how I created an $8000/mo social media business in 1 year and work from home.

Work From Home – YouTube Home Business To Make Money Online Make money online and work from home by uploading easily-made profitable videos to YouTube – a genuine home business!

How I Work From Home & Make Massive Passive Income Every day Commission Crusher: Work From Home, Become An Affiliate Marketing Ninja and Get Money By Selling Other’s Product.

Work From Home in 2015 and Beyond: CPA Marketing Millions of people work from home very successfully. But many fail. Step into a $1 billion dollar industry.

Work From Home and Earn Money as Software Tester Learn how to work from home and Earn Money by working as a software tester utilizing Utest and BugFinders.

Top 5 Work From Home Companies, Getting Hired Now! Learn the top companies that hire work from home positions that are Legitimate and learn where to apply for the jobs.

Work From Home: Find Legitimate Telecommuting Jobs that Pay Learn to crack the work-at-home industry: where to search for real jobs, how to search & how to ace the hiring process.

Work from Home:104 Ways to Make Money from Home Making money from home is freedom! We show you 104 home based business ideas plus give you the plan for success.

Work From Home: Find and Get Your Dream, Work-From-Home Job Learn to find real employment you can do from home. Stop commuting. Reduce stress. Save time and money. Have more t

Work From Home – Guide to a Successful Home Based Business Discover the Essential Steps Required to Working From Home. Avoid Pitfalls and Plan for a Successful Home Based Business

Find Telecommuting Jobs and Work From Home Find legitimate telecommuting jobs. Make real money working from home!

Work From Home Making Money Online Buying Penny Stocks Now! Learn how to make money with the most profitable penny stocks while working from home! No experience/background required

Sell on Amazon – Work From Home And Make Money Online FBA mazon FBA How I Easily Make $1000 A Month Selling on Amazon. Join Amazon & make money $$$ from home today!

Work From Home: Start An Online Business Using Amazon FBA Learn How You Can Quickly Start An Online Business From Your Kitchen Table Selling Private Labeled Products On Amazon

Make Money Online Through Freelancing and Work From Home This course explains all necessary concepts to become a successful freelancer and generate passive income from home.

Work From Home: How to Start a Home Daycare Business Learn what it takes to start and operate a home daycare business!

Productivity Tools: Learn how to run an Officeless Business Learn how to become Location Independent and increase 10x times your productivity by mastering a wide range of tools

Work From Home as a Virtual Assistant Learn how to launch your own business providing services via online technology.

How I replaced my income with work from home Jobs Unlimited email support and acess free to webnars till you get your first online Job

Work From Home: My $20,000 Per Month Amazon FBA MasterPlan Make Money Online & Earn a 5-Figure Passive Income Every 30 Days Selling Ridiculously Simple Products On Amazon.

Work From Home: Make +$2000 /Month as a Web Designer No Code Start your own Web Design Business today and start making easily more than $2.000/month right now. NO Coding involved

Make Passive Income: Be A Logo Designer & Work From Home A complete guide and step by step course on how to make money as Freelance Logo Designer.

Make Money From Home While Others do ALL the Work! Discover how you can build your own 5 figure per month home based business With ZERO upfront costs today!

Work at Home. No Scams! Learn how to find legitimate work at home jobs & avoid scammers from a professional with over 14 years experience!

Home Business – Amazon FBA – How To Turn $10 Into $15,737 Join the millions of people doing this on Amazon. No inventory, no customers, no shipping, no work! Work from home.

Sell Books On Amazon – Make Money Sitting At Home AMAZON FBA: How to Create Profits Selling Used Books Using Amazon FBA, A Beginners Guide. Work from Home and Make Money!

Voice Over Training from a voice America recognizes Learn from a National level voice talent and coach about this work from home industry that has a lot of people excited (I can give you links to resources where you’ll find people who need voiceovers for their videos.)

Build an Online Business from Scratch Starting Today! Enroll in this course as your next step in committing to building a business online you can use to work from home daily!

Fiverr Business: Fiverr Home Business Made Easy Learn These Advanced Fiverr Strategies That Will Teach You How To Generate Easy Money From Home, With Very Little Work

How To Start & Run A UK Telephone Answering Service Business Work from home, building up a business paying you residual income every month

Make Money Online as a Freelancer Work from home or wherever you may be

How To Make Money Online $1,000/Month For Beginners Learn how to work from home and make money online. Multiple opportunities are explained in depth & easy to follow.

Online Marketing Business: Step-by-Step to $5k/mo in 90 Days Clone My Internet Marketing Company & Work from Home Making a Consistent Income in just 10 hours a Week Just Like I Do!

How I Make a Website in WordPress that sell for $100-$1000! Learn Step by Step How to Build Professional Websites, Work from Home & Make Money Online as a Web Designer.

Get Your Life Sorted – Then Make Money. An easy guide to balancing your life, then finding low-cost, work from home opportunities right for you.

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Emergency Preparedness Freebie

Emergency Preparedness Checklist

With all there is to learn about RVing, having an emergency preparedness checklist can be a lifesaver, literally. Download ours, courtesy of Ad Hoc Group. Grab your free 2-page checklist here: Emergency Preparedness Checklist. The weather reports warn of weather outcomes all across the country. But as you already know ~ from mudslides, forest fires, snow storms and hurricanes ~ emergency preparedness is essential, no matter where you travel or stay.

When you click the above link you can download this PDF document. Page one is a checklist, and page two is full of emergency links that would come in handy during any emergency. If you view the form on your computer, the links are hot. But the links are also spelled out, so be sure to print a copy so that you can use them on any computer or phone.


Career Spotlight: Get Paid to do Site Audits

There is some overlap between categories with our existing affiliate list of training programs, like “Site Audits Made SimpleThis is a course that’s useful for auditing your own website. It teaches great skills for everyone who has a website they use to promote or sell. AWAI does a great job of teaching you all the little things to look for that make your site get higher Google ratings, better conversions and work like the marketing tool it should be.

But this program also teaches how to audit other people’s sites, giving you another marketable skill. At $2,500 or so per site, that’s a nice freelance income. And if, for any reason, your clients aren’t up to making the improvements you recommend, there’s your upsell opportunity. Simply propose to make those changes for them. And of course you’ll charge for that service, too.

But it doesn’t end there. If they don’t want you to do the improvements for them, offer to teach them how to make the changes, and monitor/audit their site, themselves.

Creating Our New WordPress Website ~ UGH!

Welcome to our new WordPress website and blog. I’ve been setting this up in painfully slow stages over the last several weeks. There are quite a few pages, yet, to move from the old site to the new. There’s also a few new career prep courses and a long list of new business startup manuals to add. So, expect this site to grow quite a bit over the next few weeks.

In addition to home study courses, I’m adding online video courses that I’ve either taken or know the instructors and trust that they are of great value to someone working from home or RV. Some are courses of my own creation, and a couple of those were built from existing home study manuals already available on this site. Those are the Win More Grants by Becoming Grant Ready, Stress-Free Strategic Grant Readiness, Planning and Management, and CQI/TQM for the Rest of Us. The video format comes with the written format, as a download, and some include extras that weren’t included in the home study format. If you purchase, or have already purchased, the home study format let us know and we’ll give you a coupon for the video format for only $10.

So, as I plod along with the WordPress Website rebuilding project, I’m hoping you’ll help me out by looking the site over, and maybe point out good, as well as the bad things I should fix ASAP. And if you’re experienced with WP, I hope you’ll share some tips about which plugins and widgets are good to have.

I’m so thrilled to have drop-down menus. The old site was getting so crowded with menus, it was just clutter. Now, on the WordPress Website, it looks like I’ve got everything sorted into just a few drop-down menus. What do you think? Better? Worse? Meh? Your comments (below) will help.

Setting up a WordPress Website has been a borderline nightmare. I thought WP was going to be pretty easy, but because it’s an entirely different way of placing elements from the drag & drop software I’d been using, it has a long learning curve. I’ve been locked out of the site, had to completely reinstall it once. A garbage file rerouted me to my old homepage, and it took a week to find it, and that was by trial and error. None of the plugins are intuitive, and some install one way, others another way. UGH!

My reason for changing to WP is that Google won’t even rank sites like mine that were not responsive to the different devices that might use it. The upside is all the great things plugins let you do (once you figure them out.) The downside is figuring out which ones to use to get it done.


I’ve got tons of income generating and RVing information I can write about, so here’s your chance to tell me what you’d like to know about. Look over this list and let me know in the comments what you’re interested in.  The general topics I’ll cover are these, but maybe there’s more I should consider.

  • Anything to do with working while traveling (RV or otherwise)
  • Anything to do with working from home
  • Anything to do with RVing
  • What kind of work you would do if you could learn the ropes
  • Emergency preparedness for RVers
  • Respiratory care on the road (including portable oxygen)
  • Anything else you can think of

I’ll keep this short because I still have a lot of work to do on the website and need to spend some time on this. But keep checking here as I have a ton of information to share with you. I’ll be looking forward to your comments. See you ~